Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Blog Has Moved To

Nearly three years after starting this blog on the free service, Blogger, I've finally made the leap to a new WordPress site.  If you've landed here (or received an email with this blog) please be sure to reset your bookmarks to:

There will be no more blog posts through this site.

The new site has lots of exciting new features.  When you subscribe you can now specify which categories of blog post you will recieve.  I'm also delighted to announce that over the coming months I will be publishing my new series of guided meditation recordings titled, Revealing Eternal Presence Meditation.  Along with being available to play through a browser-based player, these podcasts will be available through iTunes as well as other podcasting directories.

In short, the new Know The Flow site is designed to be easier to navigate.  Upon close examination you'll no doubt come to realize that for the most part this new site is really a glorified blog.  Many of the navigation headings are simply organizers of blogs by categories.  The overarching goal is to make it a simpler and more interesting experience.  And thanks to some outstanding creative genius from Kory (the webmaster) and Andrea (the graphic designer) it really is a much prettier site!

In closing, I do have one request that relates to a new feature.  Next to each post on the new site are buttons for Twitter and Facebook.  When a post grabs your interest please click either (or both) or those buttons.  This will forward these posts into your respective Facebook and Tweet-streams, and will serve to get the word out there.  I make the effort with this site because I believe it helps to make a difference in the world.  Supporting me by clicking these buttons a wonderful way to help me in vision of inspiring and serving the Revealing of Eternal Presence.

Know the Flow and be happy,

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